Friday, December 29, 2006


Carter Mattocks- 6 months, Nolan & Mason. Nolan loves to hold the babies. Carter (Kendrick & Molly's baby) was born three days after Mason. They are going to have a lot of fun together someday! But right now they just like to look at their toes.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Merry Christmas!

My sister-in-law and I just discovered why photographers get paid so much. This was our pathetic attempt to take a picture of the three Bales boys for Christmas cards. I'm serioulsy thinking about sending it out still, it makes me laugh.
Quinn 8 months, Mason 5 months, Nolan 2 years

Happy Baby

Mason is becoming a very happy baby. It was a rough start, but he's definitely feeling better these days. We get lots of smiles and laughs. He is happiest in the morning, and so am I, probably because he has slept through this night for almost a week now! I don't mean 6 hours, we're talking 8-12! I feel like a new woman! Anyway, we are still hoping he outgrows this acid reflux by 6 months, but we're managing it now and life is good for the little man. He is in one of my favorite stages where he grabs his toes when you lay him on his back. He just discovered they reach his mouth too!

Yes, that's a Paci in his mouth

Nolan is enjoying the season (Basketball and Winter). He wishes it would snow a little more, just like his daddy! He loves the Christmas tree and tries to play basketball with it. Ryan is keeping a running tally of all the ornaments Nolan breaks this year, so far we're up to 3. A few weeks ago he developed a love of dance, don't ask me where this came from. He's pretty entertaining during half time of games and in our living room with Christmas music playing. Currently he has bronchitis, so we aren't dancing or playing ball. Just sitting around learning about some of these cartoons...yikes. Handy Manny is the favorite right now.