Tuesday, July 08, 2008


So, it's my last Birthday in my twenties and since I'm so young, I am taking up a new hobby/sport. Ryan got me this beautiful pink/purple Wilson Hope golf set for my birthday and I am pumped. We've already been out twice and I must say, I'm doing better than I expected. The ball does go straight when I hit it, just not very far yet. I only lost four golf balls on my first day! (this may prove to be more expensive than Ryan anticipated). It's a lot of fun! Plus it's another sport I can play with my husband and he's an excellent teacher, very patient and soft spoken, which helps since those are two qualities I don't have. So, we'll see how it goes, we have a golf date on Friday! I'll keep you posted, I just hope I don't injure anyone else who happens to be out on the course with us....

Sunday, July 06, 2008

As always we spent the 4th at the Lake and loved it. Now there are more people to play with, even more fun...little people that is. Nolan really loves babies right now and wanted to hold baby Izzy from the minute she got up. The fun part is that now she smiles and laughs and responds to him. Here he is teaching her animal noises. She liked the cow the best.

Birthday Boy!

So, Mason is officially two now. He's pretty excited as you can see...he loved when everyone sang to him. As soon as we were done and clapped and laughed and wanted us to do it again. The look on his face cracks me up, pure joy, maybe he was just thinking that cake was his piece! He had a great party with family and of course got way too many presents, Nolan says thanks too...I love family parties, they are small and personal and everyone who loves my babies is there to celebrate the day of their birth. It makes me cry when I think he's two and growing so fast, but I love the little person he is becoming. He's very sweet and wants to please others, but he's also very sneaky and loves to push the limits. He's starting to cuddle more the older he gets, which is the opposite of most babies. I feel I'm bonding more with him in his second year of life than I did in his first. I don't know if it was because of the acid reflux and all the screaming and crying and not wanting to be held, or if that's typical because he's baby number 2 and therefor not held from the moment he came home from the hospital...not sure, but I'll take the hugs and kisses and cudding anytime.