Thursday, February 28, 2008

So Sad...

Basketball Season is officially over for the BlueJays. We lost our first Sectional game on Wednesday night by nine points. It was ugly, I'm sorry to say. Ryan will be going through withdrawl for a few weeks and then things should get back to normal around here. We finished the season at 9-12, which is one game better than last year. Things are looking better, we just have a lot of work to do to get these boys back in shape, physically and mentally. Thanks for all your support during the season, especially Ryan's Dad & Joyce and my parents, we couldn't make it through the long months without your help with the boys and the endless support for Ryan. We hope to have some living space finished in our basement by the next season, so we expect some of you Fishers/Noblesville friends to visit for the weekend and come see a game!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Luke, May the Force Be With You

Here's the scoop...Luke Menard is on American Idol. For all of you who came to our wedding, Luke is my friend from high school who sang with his wife, Lara. I think he's supposed to sing Tuesday night at 8/7C. He hasn't gotten much air time, and they didn't show anything of his singing yet, but he's great. He is a great guy with a wonderful heart and a spectacular voice. I've personally never watched American Idol, much less cast a vote, but I'll be racking up a big cell phone bill this month! Hope you'll join me! (click on title or my links to see info)

Quiet means TROUBLE!

If little boys are quiet at my house, 90% of the time it's because they are getting into something. Yesterday was one of those times! I came around the corner to find Mason pouring sugar into his was a long afternoon...

Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Heart Day

Valentine's Day Cookies!

Finished product... Beautiful, and the cookies look great too!

"Hmmm. This looks good."
Yes, he did squirt that tube of frosting directly into this mouth.

When we were done we let them choose a cookie, they each chose the biggest size, they're no dummies!

Drew, my cousin's son. They live 35 minutes away and we play about every other week.

One of my Favorite Things!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

We really need to finish our basement...

We've got Ears, say Cheers!

Thanks for the ears Mam Mam. We love them so much we even wore them to our Super Bowl Party! They were a big hit!

Sorry for the long silence....

We've been busy. Going to basketball games... and then more basketball games! Only two more weeks and the season is over, so sad. The boys are staying busy inside with all this nasty weather. Mason is talking and is pretty silly, as you can tell from the picture. Nolan got a football helmet for Christmas and Mason didn't, so he wears this bucket instead!