Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Our first major boo-boo

Last week was interesting around the Bales household. Since Mason's second birthday, we have felt someone abducted our child and replaced him with a much "meaner" version. He hits, throws, screams, and more than once a day, ever so gently lays down on the floor before he begins kicking and sceaming. Ryan had to remind me that our sweet, mild mannered Nolan also went through this and came out if it a few months later. So, I'm clinging to the hope that it happens this way again. In the meantime, Mason is spending a lot of time in his room, and Nolan now cowers when his brother enters his play space. It seems that only a few months ago I said, "oh, they are finally playing together, how fun!" Well, this past Wednesday didn't turn out to be one of those days. Nolan started chasing Mason, who didn't want to be chased, so he turned around the threw a ViewMaster about two feet from Nolan and got him right in the head. Blood everywhere, both boys crying, and Ryan was golfing. So, after a few minutes everyone calmed down, we drove to the Dr. We were greeted by a friendly receptionist who took us right back, but not before asking how he got this cut on his head. Then the nurse came in to look at it and clean it out and once again asked how he got this cut on this head. I'm not catching on yet. Then another nurse comes in and asks Nolan if he can tell her how this happened. Then I realize, holy @$%! they think I did this. Then the doctor comes in and asks Nolan how he got this cut and he cries, "cause my brother's mean!" So, I'm off the hook for this one. Nolan received his first two stitches, and he took it like a man, I cried, but he didn't. (Mason sat silently in the chair playing with his fingers and looking at his shoes the entire time). On the way home I got the boys ice cream, and I said, "Nolan, I bet you'll never chase your brother again, will you?" and he hasn't. and I said, "Mason, you will never throw another toy again, will you?" and he says "no momma, lotta blood." So, I have decided some lessons are better learned the hard way, all our time outs and spanks were not enough to stop the chasing and throwing, but blood and stitches have calmed our house down quite a bit!

St. Joe, MI

Sorry for the long silence, again. We went to St. Joe for a family reunion and had a great time. I got to see all my cousins on my mom's side, minus one, and all of their cute kids. It was just like being at the ocean, without the salt, just the way I like it. A great vacation place for families!