Tuesday, August 28, 2007

decisions decisions

We went to visit Great Grandma Corrie and she spoiled the boys rotten, as she should. Nolan had a difficult time choosing which cupcake to eat first, (I'm pretty sure he had more than one when I wasn't looking)! We went to the park and even got to sleep over...so fun!


Oh, how sad to be the second child. Poor Mason does whatever Nolan tells him, and this week Nolan has decided that since he hasn't figured out quite how to pedal, his baby brother can push him around the yard. I can't believe how strong the little babe is. He's got some guns!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Indiana Beach

We spent the day at Indiana Beach with Ryan's family. Nolan & Quinn rode just about everything in kiddie land and Jamie and I Euro-bungee jumped from 100 ft. It was awesome! Nolan said "Mommy flying". I'll have to get some pics from someone else, I was obviously hanging on for life and not snapping photos for the blog, what was I thinking?

Friends from afar

Charity and Everett came home for a few weeks this summer to visit family. We are so excited they came to play for the day and catch up. Charity and I are friends from college and haven't seen each other in two years. She lives with her husband and baby in Vancouver, B.C, and before that they were in Hawaii for two years, it's been difficult to visit so far, but hopefully someday I will be able to travel to her! Loved seeing you guys for the day! Hope Everett slept in the car, Charity!