Friday, May 25, 2007

Vroom Vroom

Nolan's Harley. We love all things loud and fast this summer. This bike has two horns loud and louder

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


We've lived here for almost 8 months and I finally found something cool in North Judson! The Train Museum! For anyone who loves trains...come visit and you can ride the train with us! There are about six old trains, passenger trains and box cars that have been refurbished and one that we are riding on in the picture that is like a porch! You can walk from car to car until the ride starts and then you have to choose where to sit for your 10 mile ride to the end of the line. We saw lots of butterflies, a wild turkey, lots of tractors and even went over a bridge. What kid wouldn't love all of those things? The total ride lasted about 45 minutes and was a blast. Come visit and ride the Choo-Choo with us!

No...I don't need a nap

Nolan is trying to convince us that he's "not sweepy" during the day. What do you think? This is not good for his argument. He loves to be outside all day - every day when it's this nice out. Just getting him in for lunch is a major accomplishment. Usually he eats in the screened in porch, which he calls his clubhouse, that's about as far as I can get him. I'm choosing my battles these days, cause there could be a lot of them if I don't. You know what I mean mothers of two year olds! But then I see him like this and those battles aren't a very big deal are they?

Friday, May 04, 2007

Bath anyone?

And this is why we take a bath everyday in the summer. Nolan has a sandbox, but this isn't it. He's just laying down in a pile of dirt under our porch playing with his favorite car, Lightning McQueen! Oh, to be 2!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Busy Baby Boy

So...he finally decided to crawl and life hasn't been the same since. Mason's new hobbies include turning the dog water bowl over, getting into Nolan's matchbox cars, and his absolute favorite, tearing apart the Fisher Price Train Set in under two minutes. Looks pretty pleased with himself doesn't he? He's a handful and we love it! Anyone want to babysit?!

Indy Weekend

Our family picture after the annual Susan Komen Breast Cancer Walk in Indy. We had a sunny, beautiful day and enjoyed getting together with Ryan's family for a picnic afterward. Aunt Carol made ice cream cones for everyone, the kids ran around outside and had a blast. Nolan was going to take a ride on Gabe's Gator until Kathy said, "and this yellow bar is for you to hold on real tight so you don't fall out when Gabe goes fast over bumps." That would be when Nolan climbed out of the Gator and opted to stay with me in the driveway and watch! Nice going Kathy!


Nolan loves cupcakes...or pupcakes as he calles them. This picture was taken at Quinn's 1st Birthday Party. It was a great party and the kids had so much fun. Quinn got a little overwhelmed by all the gifts, so Nolan graciously helped him open the rest of the presents, and then played with all of them. Hey, that's what cousins and brothers are for, right? I'm blaming his behavior on the sugar high. I think he had about three cupcakes before anyone noticed he was eating them right off the table while we were watching Quinn open presents!