Sunday, January 28, 2007

Bethel Basketball

Weighing in at 24.5 lbs and standing 3', wearing number 00 from North Judson, Indiana is Point Guard Nolan Christopher Bales!
His hobbies include pestering his dog, playing outside, and going to the gym with his dad!

We went to the Bethel vs. Huntington game this weekend. It was a lot of fun to see some old friends and their kids. It was a great game, unfortunately the Bethel Pilots lost a tough one.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

North Judson San Pierre Bluejays

Click above to see Ryan's team in action! They had a wonderful weekend and defeated Rensselear on Friday night and their biggest Rival, the Knox Redskins, on Saturday night! Go Blue Jays!!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Bye Uncle Kurt

We spent the weekend at Mam mam and Poppy's house to say goodbye to Uncle Kurt. He definitely gets "Uncle of the Year". He granted Nolan's every request, the best of which involved going around and around the house with pull toys, a duck that quacks and a frog that shakes its eyeballs and croaks. Kurt is going to Arizona for the next ten months to work for AmeriCorp. We sure are going to miss you, Uncle Kurt. Be careful and have fun...and don't forget us! We love you!

Nakey Baby!

Mason is getting huge! He's almost 7 months old and such a happy boy these days...except at night, but we're not going to talk about that! He's starting to laugh at Nolan and Daddy a lot, apparently I'm not as funny as they are.

So this is what SNOW is!

We finally got some snow for Noly Poly to play in and he loves it! He keeps wanting to taste it and he says it tastes like "apple juice" mmm... not too sure about that. I hope daddy didn't feed him the yellow snow.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Christmas Elf

"I'm so happy...Santa brought me two teeth for Christmas!"

Cousin Eddy

Wow! A dirty onesie, snow boots, and a paci. Who is your mother?!

Happy New Year!

We had a wonderful time with friends in Noblesville that we miss so much. My New Year's stay in better contact with those dear friends! Nolan and Piper had a great time jumping, Warner's have the coolest toys. Thanks for everything Matt & Kelly!